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Renegade talent was discovered by NICOLA (New International Company of Live Arts) through an advertisement in my local community a few years ago.


Renegade Talent is a group of young people that share a great passion for dance and music. We decided to turn our passion into something useful for more people, and we started to organize dance project involving other young people coming from a disadvantaged background, who often have a history of migration. We believe that through the means of music and dance we can give people more opportunities to express themselves in a fun and constructive way.


Renegade Talent is a group active in the implementation of dance/music projects with young people coming from different backgrounds. The group has always tried to do activities on a wide perspective, involving organizations and groups at an European level. With this project Renegade talent aims to strengthen the network of contact outside the United Kingdom, so to lay the foundations for successful activities.


Renee George founded this group with the aim to involve young people in a series of artistic activities. She has a great experience as a dancer, dance teacher for young people and she was always involved in projects aimed to the increase of social inclusion and inter-cultural dialog. The group benefits from the contribution of other professional dancers, who help young people to find their ways in expressing themselves through the means of dance and music. 





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